Veterinary end-of-life work is challenging. 

Traditionally, vets & their teams have lacked opportunities to advance their skills in managing the demands involved. The Pet Loss Vet is helping change that.


Thanks so much for giving up your time to lecture at the 2019 BSAVA Student Conference at the University of Liverpool. As promised, I’ve got some feedback/testimonials for you:
“Euthanasia was my favourite workshop of the whole weekend” – several people said words to this effect
“really useful [session]”
“good [workshop], the speaker was great”
“Would love to see it at the next conference” – a couple of people said this
[...] everyone that responded to the questionnaire said at least some of it should be added to the curriculum (including several people that said all of it or most of it) [and] voted that their confidence increased from before your session to afterwards as well.
— Steph Gowing, Conference President 2019
The feedback from Members who attended your webinar about futile treatments and euthanasia disputes was: Overall—90% rated it ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’; Content—80% rated it ‘excellent’. There were these comments too: “superb webinar tonight”, “very clear, precise and all very useful”.
— Dawn Robinson, The Webinar Vet; May 2018 | www.thewebinarvet.com
Thank you Caroline for a very interesting and useful course! [Vet CPD Tutored Online Course | www.vetcpd.com]
— Rory Bell MRCVS DSAM DECVIM-CA, Head, Internal Medicine, Wear Referrals, Stockton-On-Tees; July 2017
I feel like I have learnt a huge amount (in an area I felt I was relatively competent in so it has been a really eye opener for the positive!). I have had only positive feedback from the team as well so am really excited to get things into action.
— Hayley Baker MRCVS, Joint Venture Partner, Vets4Pets, Cambridge; June 2016
First time have been provided with a scaffold to build a united practice approach surrounding euthanasia. A very helpful, thought-provoking course.
— Mark Evans MRCVS, Partner, Valley Vets, Cardiff; July 2015
A great course. I have found it really useful and have been able to apply things into my everyday work immediately. I have to say it has helped with a few potentially stressful euthanasias already.
— Veterinary surgeon (name withheld); May 2016