If your team aren’t up-to-date on grief for animals and client communication, 
some of your bereaved clients will be struggling more than they need to, and your practice may be losing more clients than you’d think.

In 2014, Onswitch found 19% of those bereaved clients who got a new animal went to a new practice, even though almost all were very satisfied. For many it was because they ”just couldn’t face” returning to the place of euthanasia.

 The Loss of Your Pet client-care packs and practice resources & The Loss of Their Pet  CPD and training are designed to help.
They were developed by Caroline Hewson MVB PhD MRCVS (The Pet Loss Vet), and you can read more about them below.

he Loss Of Your Pet client-care packs “signpost” your clients through grief, and include an extensive list of different support resources—so your clients can find the support that’s right for them and you don’t have the impossible task of trying to predict this.

In-house checklists & “done for you” resources enable you and your team to quickly plug any gaps at their respective client touch-points during animals’ end-of-life.

From grief generally to handling difficult euthanasia discussions, the different sectors of your team can develop their skills and confidence in supporting clients at every touch-point during animals’ end-of-life–through tailored in-house training and local workshops. 

New in 2015: Expertise packages of webinars in client-care for animals’ end-of-life, for each sector of the team. Find out more in this free webinar at The Webinar Vet here.

For an informal chat, just email coordinator Clara Martin (clara@thepetlossvet.com) with your practice name and number and the best time to phone you. We’ll get back to you directly.

Comments on Recent Webinars 

Caroline Hewson has impeccable academic and practical credentials to suggest how things can be made better. This excellent webinar would be good for all the staff to watch together, and remind us of how we would want others to see us and also perhaps why we chose this profession–David Grant FRCVS

Many thanks for the webinar and MCQs. I can feel a good protocol revision session coming on! [...] ashes was deeply thought-provoking [...]. so helpful to us to learn to become more empowered to offer more support at that visit. Robert Elliot MRCVS, The Veterinary Surgery, Stanford-in-the-Vale

Thank you for a great presentation-–Valerie MRCVS; Brill!—Gill; Thank you for a wonderful webinar on such an important area of veterinary medicine.–Anna MRCVS; Great presentation and packed with information to take on board [...] for what I am doing intuitively every day.—Susan MRCVS; A great webinar ; A very helpful webinar; Very useful information on such a sensitive matter; Really helpful–I’m looking forward to the next ones. 


Comments on Training, Workshops, and Client Packs

A very helpful, thought-provoking course to help develop / improve practice standards regarding both patient- and client-care at a very difficult time of life–the end of it! Mark Evans MRCVS, Valley Vets, Cardiff

Very informative course with lots of information about background ethics and welfare to help you make your (end-of-life) decisions. Ingrid Segboer MRCVS, Leonard Brothers Veterinary Centre, Crewe

Given me a completely fresh approach to handling euthanasia–looking at it now with new eyes and much more understanding of the client’s experience and perspective. Alison Baxter MRCVS, Wendover Heights Veterinary Centre, Wendover

Re the distressing PTS that we discussed in training: the client’s  just come in and seemed really pleased when I talked to her a bit about grief and offered her a pack, which she took. Phil Burns MRCVS, Lake View Veterinary Centre, Thrapston

Thanks again for your fantastic CPD and time spent with our staff. It has been very useful for us and has had a very positive impact on the staff that attended. Kelly Stone, DipAVN(Surgical) RVN, Nursing Staff Manager, Wildbore Veterinary Ltd, Worksop

(I’ve been in client-care as Front-of-House for 10 years and) I would recommend this training very strongly because it gives you plenty of information on how to make a hard and upsetting decision by owners more bearable and sympathetic. Lisa Buckley, Wildbore Veterinary Ltd,  Worksop

Thanks so much for your presentation last night which I found very useful and enlightening and even this morning I gave one of your grieving packs to a client […]. She seemed quite appreciative at having the CD and booklet given to her. We need to order some of your booklets as I’ve told my vets and nurses we now have to “offer” them to all owners whose pets are being euthanased. Colin Skinner MRCVS, Vets4Pets, Cramlington

Thank you again for some very worthwhile sessions at the Haddington clinic. The whole package was very professional. Julie Wood, Veterinary Marketing Consultant to Links Veterinary Group, Haddington

Your talk on how to respond to client emotions was absolutely brilliant! You included everyone, and gave some really useful practical information. Alexia Mills MRCVS, Powderham Veterinary Group, Torquay

Thank you so much for your interesting and thought-provoking presentation last Wednesday. Could I order some of your pet bereavement packs. I have already given my “freebie” away to a recently bereaved client. Paul Freeman MRCVS, Alnorthumbria Veterinary Practice Ltd, Rothbury

I would like to place another order [...] We have had very little feedback but what we have has been positive. Graham De Baerdemaecker MRCVS, Oathall Vets, Haywards Heath

All is good, and no bad feedback. Denis Callanan MRCVS, Gatehouse Vets, Wrexham

Some clients don’t want a pack when we offer one, but we’ve not heard anything bad from the ones who do [...] and I think by now someone would have told us. [...] I would like to place (another) order. Kelly Goss, Practice Manage & Partner, Cat’s Whiskers Veterinary Clinic, Worthing

Clients seem to really like them. Donna Willison RVN, Head Nurse, Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital, Bracknell

(We will) soon be needing more packs! Please could you forward me a current price list and I will consult our numbers and get back to you. Penny Evans MRCVS, Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital, Bracknell

All is well very happy with your packs (which) have been well appreciated. Jacky Macqueen MRCVS, Macqueen Vets, Devizes

I now do the condolence letters and find the examples in the Toolbox (booklet) really helpful. I’ve just used it to write to a 6 year-old after we had to put her rabbit to sleep and her mother said it really helped. Miriam Hall SVN, Lake View Veterinary Centre, Thrapston

Thank you for the checklists (for the pre-euthanasia and euthanasia consultations) they are great. Becky Goodall, Practice Manager, Paws Inc Veterinary Clinics, London

Excellent. Concise, sympathetic narration of the subjects which certainly pass through my mind at the time of euthanasia [...] a useful resource in many pet loss situations. Peter Dobromylskyj MRCVS, High Street Veterinary Hospital, Lowestoft

I’ve had animal companions all my life and cannot describe the emptiness you feel when they are euthanased. This pack is sensitive, direct and reassuring and somehow kindly gives permission for all that grief to be OK. James Jameson, Christchurch

I could never have predicted the distress I felt for weeks after my partner’s dog was killed in a road accident. The Loss of Your Pet’s high quality and content are just what someone needs after losing their animal.   Paul Robins, London

Our lovely Lab Max died unexpectedly while we were away (from him) on holiday. While our vet could not have been kinder […], I could really have used this pack then. My husband and the children would have benefitted too. Karen Clark, Bridgnorth

As a GP, counsellor and animal lover, I recommend The Loss of Your Pet to all caring professionals, as well as those who are bereft of their animal companion.   Shelagh Chalmers MB ChB, Melrose

I lost three of my dogs last year and came across The Loss of Your Pet completely by chance. The voice is everything it should be when delivering this kind of information. The resources are great too. I’m a trained counsellor and I think vets could help a lot of people with this pack. Jackie Tinkler, Carlisle


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