Your Pet’s End-Of-Life: A Guide For When That Time Comes

Caroline Hewson

Cloth-bound, 140 pages

Publication date, 2019

Few people suddenly decide they want to plan for their pets’ last days and death. It’s natural to say “Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it”. But what if you find yourself at that bridge and you're not ready? 

It's not an easy thing to think about. However, this new book offers ways through the woods. Written by a vet, it gives honest guidance to owners who may wish to think ahead. Combining a gentle summary of clinical facts and some simple decision aids, the book is for anyone wondering "How do I know when it's time to ask the vet to help my pet die?". The book is also a kindly companion to anyone who is living through their pet's last days or facing life without him or her. 

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The A-B-C Yardstick 

If a pet can no longer have a life worth living, most owners and vets would agree euthanasia (“put to sleep”) is best. That does not make the decision easy, however.  Understandably, most owners dread it and wonder "How will I know when it's time?". Others are haunted by their decision afterwards and wonder if it was the right one. 

The A-B-C Yardstick offers you some peace of mind.  It's a simple discussion tool that helps you and your vet talk things through together. You bring expertise because you know what makes life worthwhile for your pet. Your vet brings expertise in all the clinical aspects. The Yardstick helps you pool your expertise and have an open honest discussion. You can download The Yardstick by clicking on the image.